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By becoming a sponsor of The LONG LIVE ALL PEOPLE! Movement you are in direct connection with an effort to enhance the overall Health, Wellness, Fitness, Security, Safety, Weight-Loss and Longevity of people of all ages worldwide daily.


Do your part in helping others find their path to a healthy way of daily life through simple guides and inspiration by spreading word of The LONG LIVE ALL PEOPLE! Lifespan Increasing Efforts and Products.


Sponsorship benefits include % of the eBooks' sold thanks to your sponsorship dedication and promotional assistance. Our eBook YOU Healthy Simply! is a great resource for people of all ages to use at all times to discover simple steps to great health.


I am willing to specially prepare the benefits to suit your requirements.


I have learned that sponsors want creative ways to develop a relationship with current and potential customers. You want to connect more strongly to your customers. I believe The LONG LIVE ALL PEOPLE! Movement is easily integratable into your current customer relationships and marketing programs. The LONG LIVE ALL PEOPLE! Movement will enhance your audience’s emotional connection to your brand through daily positivity and providing valuable life enhancing information through Simplicity. I have created a worldwide mass-market concept, brand and product that will forever remain relevant.


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  1. Overall naming rights

  2. Naming rights to a physical section, area or group

  3. Naming rights for a given time period such as part of a day at an exhibition, trade show or sports event, a full day, weekend or week

  4. Naming rights for an event-based award or trophy

  5. Naming rights to one of several events

  6. Naming rights to a related or minor event

  7. Major sponsorship

  8. Supporting sponsorship

  9. Official product status

  10. Preferred supplier status

  11. Exclusivity among sponsors at a given level

  12. Use of logos, images or trademarks

  13. Merchandising rights

  14. Product endorsement

  15. Input into choice of venue, route or timing

  16. Choice of sponsor venue for launch, main event or supporting event

  17. On-site product sampling opportunities

  18. Demonstration or display opportunities

  19. Perimeter signage – full, partial or non-telecast view

  20. Event signage, exclusive or non-exclusive

  21. Signage on buildings, structures, vehicles, competitor uniforms, event staff

  22. Hospitality – tickets to the event, tickets to corporate boxes, reserved seating etc

  23. Introductions to celebrities (‘talent’)

  24. Customized hospitality event to suit the sponsor’s VIP audience

  25. Internet-related benefits such as content for the sponsor website

  26. Provision of ‘web events’ created especially such as chat with ‘talent’

  27. Banner or pull-through ads on the event website

  28. Promotion or contest on the event website

  29. Naming rights to the event website

  30. Loyalty benefits – access to the event or area for a target group

  31. Early access to tickets before public sales

  32. Blocks of tickets for loyal customers, eg sports grand final or other sports

  33. Database marketing – access to event-generated database for direct mailing

  34. Opportunity to provide inserts to event-based mail outs

  35. Opportunity to use database to draw prizes, tickets etc

  36. Participation in the event by employees, shareholders

  37. Access to discounts, merchandise etc

  38. Provision of ‘talent’ to meet with selected staff

  39. Related creation of an event specifically for staff

  40. Establishment of staff volunteer program

  41. Opportunity to set up staff recruitment display and desk

  42. Distribution of staff recruitment information

  43. Inclusion in all media releases and other media contacts

  44. Communication program for sponsor’s market – consumer or trade

  45. Ticket entitlements, signage, samplings at related events, parties, receptions, shows, launches

  46. Specially designed new event to suit sponsor

  47. Production of point-of-sale material for sponsor to distribute

  48. Sponsor provision of ‘talent’ to enhance association

  49. Proofs of purchase for discount admission, parking, merchandise

  50. Opportunity to provide prizes for media or promotional activities

  51. Coupons or advertising on the reverse side of tickets

  52. Coupon redemption opportunities

  53. Inclusion in all advertising and event promotional pieces

  54. Promotional media advertising based on the event

  55. Advertising in event program or catalogue

  56. Opportunity to provide contra – free equipment, services, technology or staff as part of the value of the sponsorship deal

  57. Rights to input into the organization of main sponsor-related events such as hospitality arrangements and awards

  58. Support of a sponsor’s worthy cause – involve the sponsor’s nominated charity in the event or activity

  59. Donation of some of the ticket revenue to the sponsor’s nominated charity


List provided by: Kim Harrison @ www.cuttingedgepr.com


About the Author: Kim Harrison is a recognized authority in the public relations field. Her website provides a wealth of informative articles and resources on public relations techniques and management. www.cuttingedgepr.com


Contact Marc Kubicki @ 248-747-2251 or @ marckubicki@yahoo.com (best way)


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"To be healthy is to be powerful, as a healthy person you own the power of health, health is the greatest power of all."


"Food is not just some "thing", food is your health. Your health is not just some "thing", your health is your life."


"All healthy foods should be recognized and treated as an extremely valuable part of a person's life."


"The greatest thing in the world is our shared ability to be alive; my sole purpose of creating The LONG LIVE ALL PEOPLE!® Movement is to extend our greatest ability to the fullest extent."


"I want to be the man responsible for helping billions of people around the world to live at their healthiest."



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