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"I want to be the man responsible for helping billions of people around the world to live at their healthiest." - MK


"The greatest thing in the world is our shared ability to be alive; my sole purpose of creating LONG LIVE ALL PEOPLE! is to enhance and extend our greatest ability to the fullest extent" - MK



“Intense focus and concentration combined with complete dedication blessed with a grand vision and an extreme sense of caring has made me who I am today.” - Marc Kubicki


My name is Marc Kubicki, I am the founder of The LONG LIVE ALL PEOPLE! Movement. I have dedicated my life to helping worldwide people of all ages enhance, prolong and protect their lives every day. I have dedicated my personal time to helping people live better lives by giving care and products that will prevent disease and disaster from entering their lives. I created LONG LIVE ALL PEOPLE! to help billions of people by providing them the resources they need to live as well and as long as possible. Since I was a teenager I have always had the passion to create something that would allow people to enhance their daily lives.


I believe LONG LIVE ALL PEOPLE! will make a global difference. I have restless ambition, passion + drive for helping people; my proof is displayed here at all times @


As the Leader of The LONG LIVE ALL PEOPLE! Movement:


I am putting the principles in which I believe at the forefront of my actions. Throughout my life my passion and hard work will only continue to grow. I will always continue to breed and promote a healthy way of life, the benefits of a healthy diet and providing new ways for people to enhance their life, regardless of criticism or negativity.


My goal is to blend with, learn from and be empowered by common everyday people who are not currently living a healthy way of life; I believe they hold an untapped knowledge key to health ownership. As well as blend with people who care deeply about what is most important in life; our overall health. Together we have to focus our minds more often on the vital importance of health and longevity. Together as one health unit we can invent real pro-health material that will instill a 100% positive attitude into millions of peoples’ lives every minute, thus inspiring Health-Actions. Health-Actions = Healthier-World.


The LONG LIVE ALL PEOPLE!™ Movement provides an exciting environment and community necessary for people to become healthy and stay healthy throughout their whole life. Ultimately breeding Global Life Enhancement + Disease Prevention. ™ 


My judgment has allowed me to create and build the worldwide lifespan increasing movement LONG LIVE ALL PEOPLE!, and the simplest most powerful health food eBook in the world - YOU Healthy Simply: 120 "Top 5" Healthiest Foods Lists!™ - My eBook was specifically created to increase the average lifespan of every person. Built to inspire a new way of thinking about health, the way of thinking from some of the worlds’ healthiest people. And also to provide vital health and health food information instantly in the format of “highlights”; I researched and studied only the most important aspects of health and brought them to the forefront.


My unique concept in creating this great Health & Longevity movement for all people is to promote and provide the most important health information through Simplicity. Through simple to learn, retain and teach to others' Health-Wealth Tools™


The YOU Healthy Simply! eBook was created to provide a simple key to prime health you can use every day!


The LONG LIVE ALL PEOPLE! Movement™ is your prime provider and daily link to all Health, Wellness, Fitness, Weight-loss, Safety, Security and Longevity resources in the world; constantly breeding and linking global health! is in itself a Free Health eBook. Reading this displayed content will provide you valuable health inspiration and lasting knowledge you can use every day to become healthier thus live a greater life.


The information, concepts, page titles, and eBook were created by myself on my own, I have dedicated hundreds of hours adding and editing the presented content. I don't have a team creating my vision, is a product of my personal hard work, dedication and passion.


Your greatest success tool is your Health ... Your Health is your ability, vision, mind ... Your Health is your life ... cherish your Health, enhance your Health, protect your Health and prolong your Health ... Your Health is your future.


Every single person’s overall health is what I am extremely focused on because that is what is most important. I am working hard toward enhancing every single person’s body, mind and spirit with my eBook YOU Healthy Simply: 120 "Top 5" Foods Lists!™ and The LONG LIVE ALL PEOPLE! Movement. My fuel is my real every second health passion and super health vision; at this time and for the rest of my life I am taking real action to achieve the greatest goal of all time – enhancing and extending human life. – Marc Kubicki


The photos you see below are my daily notes of ideas and content I would write down thoughout my days prior to creating and publishing and the YOU Healthy Simply! eBook. This is a true statement of my restless ambition to help people live greater-longer lives.



When I was very young I used to pray to the God’s asking them to put into my mind what they want the people of the world to know; to put into my mind what will most benefit the overall health of the people of the world …


Inside of my asking I promised if I was to be blessed with this vital knowledge and powerful inspiration I would do the hard work to present it to the people of our world in which it will be most effective. I believe I have been blessed with their great passion, opportunity and responsibility.


The LONG LIVE ALL PEOPLE! Movement & YOU Healthy Simply! are products of this true prayer and story.


As the Leader of The LONG LIVE ALL PEOPLE! Movement I am the Global Promoter of ALL Health Resources. People, books, magazines, foods, drinks, supplements, websites, talk shows, movies, foundations, restaurants, companies, organizations, corporations, unions & independent health care providers.


If YOU provide health to the world I stand to symbolize YOU!


As the Leader of The LONG LIVE ALL PEOPLE! Movement I realize “I” alone cannot be all health things to all people, therefore I aim and drive to promote any person or product that provides health - Worldwide Health Unity = Worldwide Health.


Every website and person I promote is a valuable health resource; they all contribute to the overall health of our nation.


Every day every way I promote them and their greatness for free. I symbolize them because they are an important part of The LONG LIVE ALL PEOPLE!® Movement’s actions to achieve billions of health filled lives worldwide daily. As health care providers WE are all on the same mission. I believe global health will only be reality through global unity.


As the Leader of The LONG LIVE ALL PEOPLE!® Movement I am uniting all of us together as one health family.


The more people who live a 100% Health Life™ focused on living for a health and a longevity purpose with a “live-forever” mind-set the greater and faster the average lifespan of all humans will increase. The LONG LIVE ALL PEOPLE!® Movement was made to inspire worldwide peoples’ minds to “want to” and “expect to” live to 150 years old. I believe if we as people aim at 150 as our life expectancy we will together get closer to 150 then what we are striving for or expecting now; I believe the higher we aim the longer we will live! It’s all about a health mind-set filled with powerful health goals.


I am fueling a health competition for the greater overall health of every person in the world today and 500 years from today. This will result in millions of healthier people living healthier everyday lives, at the same time empowering the vital increase of human life expectancy. Together WE must share a worldview of health and longevity.


“To be healthy is to be powerful, as a healthy person you own the power of health, health is the greatest power of all” Marc Kubicki


Providing simple to read and learn Health-Wealth Tools™ will continue to be my goal as Leader of The LONG LIVE ALL PEOPLE!® Movement. My inspiration and products will always be beneficial to all people.


Stay tuned as will continue to grow into one of the most beneficial to everyday life resources  in the world.


I will continue to build until it provides every tool, link and feature to achieve great overall health, happiness, knowledge, wellness and longevity for all people. Personally providing health enhancements to your everyday life and breeding futures of longevity.


If every person in the world spent more of their time creating something to increase the average lifespan of humans the average lifespan of humans would increase.


My goal is to be one of the healthiest people in the world. Along my path of striving toward this great goal I have obtained super-health experience, knowledge and senses that I am now using to increase the average lifespan of all people by breeding super-health inspiration and simple highlight health tools into our life cycle.


I care about the health & wellness of your life; therefore I am going to provide you every tool you need in order to live the best life you can.


"It is my lifetime goal to provide the people of our world true health value that produces health ownership" - Founder Marc Kubicki


While I am reviewing the worlds' great Longevity information providers I am yet to hear how-to protect your healthy-body from physical harm ... LONG LIVE ALL PEOPLE! is all about Anti-Aging Science, Health, Wellness, Weight-Loss, Fitness and Longevity resources, people and products as well as providing an "inspirational environment" in which the common everyday person can understand and get involved with in order to jump-start their life into a life consisting of 100% Health.


As well as Safety & Security information, people and products - if you do not know how-to protect your super-healthy body from physical harm then what's the point? So just a little more insight into the true mission of LONG LIVE ALL PEOPLE! I want to help worldwide people of all ages achieve a body built for prime health and longevity collaborated with the knowledge and physical skill to protect it. 


Read my BIO page as well as My Mind page for more insight.


Join The LONG LIVE ALL PEOPLE! Movement today to gain your Health-Wealth!


• My life goal is to become the healthiest person in the world. In the future I am going to team up with the best nutritionists’ and scientists’ in the world to take me under their wing and truly transform me into the healthiest person in the world. The proceeds from my eBook will fund this superior reality show that you can view to gather super-health insight from to absorb and apply to your own life. The TV show will be called: THE HEALTHIEST PERSON IN THE WORLD. I will write another book based on my experiences under their guidance.


 In the future I will launch Marc Kubicki's "FREE-HEALTH" Foundation. My foundation will be 100% profit-free; using my own money I will travel the United States in a LONG LIVE ALL PEOPLE!® decal wrapped mobile home passing out Free Health knowledge brochures teaching simple health information; as well as giving away free fruits, vegetables and berries! My goal is to provide free health information and free health food for people in inspiration of converting them into living a 100% Health Life FREE-HEALTH for ALL!


* I am going to use my own money from the proceeds of The LONG LIVE ALL PEOPLE!™ Movement and my eBook YOU Healthy Simply! for the funding of displaying Worldwide Inspirational Signs & Billboards. I will display them all over the world in order to inspire and breed healthy eating, overall health and every moment wellness into the minds and lives of all people. Seeing positive information displayed instills positive thoughts thus achieves positive actions into all of us.


* In the future I will be proud to create and provide you The Healthiest Restaurant in the World called "Eat-Health. Whole-Natural foods combine to provide pure Health and Delight!


* In the future it will be my pleasure to provide you The Healthiest Drink in the World called Drink-Health. A super-powerful anti-toxin drink containing the healthiest and most antioxidant rich foods available. The true taste of health!


Brought to the world by: Marc Kubicki, The LONG LIVE ALL PEOPLE! Movement


I will personally make donations from the proceeds of my eBook YOU Healthy Simply: 120 "Top 5" Healthiest Foods Lists!™ to worldwide hospitals and foundations in order to advance the overall health care system and to enhance overall health care every day.


If we are really going to experience an increase of the average lifespan of all people it is going to require teamwork.


It requires all health and longevity minds to form into one health mastermind on one health master mission. A True Health Team of people currently living 100% health lives, nutritionists, scientists, doctors, chemists, physicists, physicians, biochemist and motivational speakers. As people our overall health must be our #1 goal; our health is our life.


In order for us to achieve this vital goal I am working toward creating Longevity Collaboration. Minds such as Dr. Aubrey de Grey of the Methuselah Foundation, David Murdock of Dole Food Company, David Sinclair and Leonard Gavrente of Harvard Medical School, Dr. Joseph Maroon M.D. author of The Longevity Factor, Dr. Daniel G. Amen of Amen Clinics, Inc (ACI), Rafael de Cabo of The National Institute on Aging (NIA), Robert M. Goldman, MD, PhD, DO, FAASP of The World Anti-Aging Academy of Medicine (WAAAM), Mark A. Smith, Executive Director The American Anti-Aging Association (AGE), Dr. Thomas Perls of Boston University School of Medicine, S. Boyd Eaton, MD, an evolutionary nutrition expert from Emory University, Dr. Oz, Douglas Zimmerman- Powerful Personal Trainer and Richard Fisher, director of the Heliophysics division at NASA - (prevention and awareness of solar storms).


Appropriately named The LONG LIVE ALL PEOPLE! Movement!


GLOBAL HEALTH UNITY!™ is the key to deleting health diseases, WE must work side by side exchanging passion, resources, results and ideas - daily health teamwork = Global United Health actions and intelligence for the greatness of all people.


Founder Marc Kubicki



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"Your Health is Your Life - By enhancing your health you are enhancing your life in all aspects."

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"To be healthy is to be powerful, as a healthy person you own the power of health, health is the greatest power of all."


"Food is not just some "thing", food is your health. Your health is not just some "thing", your health is your life."


"All healthy foods should be recognized and treated as an extremely valuable part of a person's life."


"The greatest thing in the world is our shared ability to be alive; my sole purpose of creating The LONG LIVE ALL PEOPLE!® Movement is to extend our greatest ability to the fullest extent."


"I want to be the man responsible for helping billions of people around the world to live at their healthiest."



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