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YOU Healthy Simply! > The Super-Health through Simplicity eBook = A product you have time for ... a simple to learn product. This eBook provides life enhancing information that is super-simple to remember therefore super-simple to apply during your busy schedule; this smart format also allows for it to be easy for you to teach this information to your family & friends while interacting on a daily basis.


• Every person of every age in every part of the world can benefit from this eBook! The information provided within this eBook will still be valuable and useful 500 years from today.



"All healthy foods should be recognized and treated as an extremely valuable part of a person's life." Author - Marc Kubicki


• YHS! is 100% Unique! There has never been an eBook or book that has provided the "highlights" of the health food industry.


• I personally gathered and created 120 different "Top 5" Healthiest Foods Lists!™ » This has never been done before. This eBook provides You a first-time look at 120 unique and beneficial "Top 5" Healthiest Foods Lists! As well as "Top 5" foods lists to avoid.


You can use this eBook everyday for the rest of your life ... 15, 25, 45 years from now you, your family and your friends can refer to its content for valuable health information at any time. 


• This eBook gives you the highlights of all that bulky health and health food information that's out there. I took all of the health food information that is out there and I broke it down into a simple to learn and apply daily health resource. Health Simplicity is the master key to allowing even the least health conscious person to become a healthy person.


• Over the last 25 years there have been thousands of health food and health books published and sold. So why do poor health statistics continue to rise every year? The Format - how the information is being presented and taught to the person who is reading it - Value Through Simplicity is the Key - the key I provide within the YOU Healthy Simply: 120 "Top 5" Healthiest Foods Lists! eBook!


• Valuable health information taught simply fills the void of teaching health habits, health senses and health life.


• The format of YOU Healthy Simply! is very simple for you to learn, therefore very simple for you to incorporate the steps and tips into your current life and lifestyle. I know when most people hear the word "book" they think of paragraph after paragraph repeating recycled content. This eBook is unlike any other health food book - it is 100% unique.


• Presenting 120 different "Top 5" Healthiest Foods Lists has never been created before, these 120 lists provide you very much value - they provide valuable health information instantly - readily useful information every person can use everyday. One of the main reasons many people feel they cannot become healthy is because they don't have enough time. I understand them, which is why I provided you a health resource you can quickly gather information from; you are able to absorb it while still being able to stay on top of your responsibilities. My format fills the void. These lists are also a great and easy way to teach children how to eat healthy and what foods to eat - instilling in them lifelong healthy eating habits.


• No matter what nationality you are, where you were born, how you were raised, where you live now or what you believe in or do not believe in we all share the same vital organs - the same vital organs that need certain vitamins, nutrients, carbohydrates, amino acids, healthy fats, oils, proteins, minerals, fibers, enzymes and antioxidants to live and function properly. Therefore the health foods I promote within this eBook contain and will always contain and provide super-health enhancing benefits for your entire body. The super-foods stated in YOU Healthy Simply!™ are great for the human body, period. Therefore this book is a valuable resource for you, your friends and your family to own and use every day.


• With your purchase you automatically become a member of The LONG LIVE ALL PEOPLE!® Movement forever providing you a healthy identity. Your contribution will be used to create and provide even more valuable health & longevity tools for people all around the world in the future.


• This book isn't some trend or some "right now try it diet" - it provides valuable information that will continue to stay beneficial during your entire life time.


• The information I have gathered through my own personal experience and experiments combine with studying and researching the health food industry for years has allowed me to provide you a valuable health guide you can trust and use every day; a guide that has the ability to improve the way you live your life.


• By owning and applying this eBook you will become healthier, look great, loss weight, feel more energized, function at your peak and live a much happier and longer life. Due to the content value combine with the simple format - this combination allows people of all ages to easily remember and use the health information provided within. 


• Inside you are getting direct insight from myself; a person currently living a healthy daily life in today's world - by me living a true life of health I am instilled with vital knowledge and senses in order to properly teach someone else how they too can live a life of great daily health.


• You are getting a first look at the never before provided 120 different "Top 5" Healthiest Foods Lists - these lists cover any and all health concerns you may have. They allow you to easily enhance your current healthy body or to improve your not so healthy body into one functioning at health's peak.


• You are getting the "HIGHLIGHTS" of 50 different health and health food topics - only what is most important is presented here - short, straight to the point, simple. Easy to absorb therefore easy to apply and share with other people you come in contact with in your life.


• Also, directions to 300 different Health, Wellness, Weight-Loss and Longevity resource web site links - these web site addresses connect you with every piece of health information and professional available in the world - go to them, learn from them and apply the information these great health teachers and providers provide. Overall health will be your result.


The wants, needs and demands are clear and now the solution is here - YOU Healthy Simply! is the simplest way for you to get your life on the Health & Longevity track. 


As a healthy person living a healthy lifestyle I encourage you to add this eBook into your everyday life. Let it be your mentor - let it be your healthy helping hand.


I care about the Health & Longevity of your life that is why I created The LONG LIVE ALL PEOPLE! Movement & The YOU Healthy Simply eBook.


It is never too late or too early to start on a super healthy journey through life.


I have started by providing a Health Food Book because food is the most definite factor of overall health; due to the fact that every-body eats. I am working on 7 other eBooks' at this time that will cover all other factors of health, wellness, weight-loss, sickness, disease and aging.


"To be healthy is to be powerful; as a healthy person you own the power of health, health is the greatest power of all" - Marc Kubicki



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"Your Health is Your Life - By enhancing your health you are enhancing your life in all aspects."

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Quotes from Founder Marc Kubicki


"To be healthy is to be powerful, as a healthy person you own the power of health, health is the greatest power of all."


"Food is not just some "thing", food is your health. Your health is not just some "thing", your health is your life."


"All healthy foods should be recognized and treated as an extremely valuable part of a person's life."


"The greatest thing in the world is our shared ability to be alive; my sole purpose of creating The LONG LIVE ALL PEOPLE!® Movement is to extend our greatest ability to the fullest extent."


"I want to be the man responsible for helping billions of people around the world to live at their healthiest."



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